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Whatever you’ve considered and experienced corporate coaching/consulting to be what The Leader’s Edge does is not it. In the end, it is not about what we are going to do, even if important. It is about what you are prepared to take on when considering other lenses through which to examine and assess your business opportunities and the structure/programs that will be required of you to succeed at the level to which you aspire/or to which you are committed. We are interested in something far beyond incremental improvement. We are interested in brilliant and discontinuous results – a sudden leap in productivity and/or effectiveness. We do not offer prescriptive formulas for effective management – we work in such a way that reveals new avenues of thought, of creativity and that generates a sense of power within you and your team to produce outstanding results. The game plan is yours. We will work to support you in most effectively determining and then “languaging” the game…but rest assured, it is and always must be YOUR GAME.

We as human beings have no idea what is possible although we walk with certainty. We give ourselves too much permission to operate on automatic pilot. We don’t’ bother being rigorous enough to ask the important questions.

We push our clients to burn with something other than business as usual. Who am I really? What am I taking instruction from? What is the core conversation that drives me and my staff? These questions and many more allows us to get working with our clients to alter the way they listen and look at things.

Everything we do is about generating new perspectives. We don’t solve problems. If we had the solution everybody would be doing it. We provide the tools that allow people to access a different level of thinking and perspective – tools that give our clients access to their thinking and their creative power and ability to engage with others more effectively. These tools also provide a power in deepening the quality of our relationships which leads to heightened levels of creative thinking and development.

By now you may be wondering about how we work together with our clients. The first phase of our work involves in part an exploration into your business: What is working well? Where are things going awry? What would inspire you if you could make it happen, etc., etc.? If we see a fit then we engage you in a far more in depth conversation moving forward. From there we custom design a program that would very likely involve individual and group coaching conversations as well as likely some course work and assignments. Again, the work we do is linked directly to achieving unprecedented business results.

We do not promise a quick fix. In fact, we do not promise results at all. The results are yours to make happen. We do however promise to match your commitment and to bring everything we’ve got to the work we do.

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